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News and Views

OIG welcomed Senior Diplomatic delegation from Germany

OIG had the pleasure to welcome Senior Diplomatic German delegation. Delegation was warmly recepted by our CEO Engr. Abdallah Obeikan, MARCOM Director Mamoon Al-Saudi, VP Paper & Board Andre Rosenstock, CFO Andreas Boy. Delegation members were, His Excellency Dr. Peter Ramsauer, Chairman of Economic Committee at Parliament Minister of Transportation, German Ambassador Mr. Michael Ohnmacht, Mr. Felix Neugart, German Industry Association, Mr. Andreas Hergenroether, German Saudi Liaison Office, Commercial Counsellor Mr. Peter Hofmann. Our corporate documentary film was played then CEO gave detailed explanation about OIG successful historical business partnership with German private sectors through various industries and technologies starting in 1982 where we installed our first printing lines from ManRoland passing through significant joint venture with SIG Combibloc in 2001 with solid continuity with Krones, Zippe, Grenzbach and Isra Vision at our Glass company in Yanbu.

CEO urged delegation to give more priority to Saudi market due to its unique and booming economical position, volume and vast opportunities.

Later on, delegation took long tour at our Combibloc production plant and witnessed state of the art facilities to convert more than 4 billion sleeves and produce more than 2.5 billion caps.

German Minister and entire delegation expressed sincere admiration in such ideal and systematic operations and promised to play significant role at German Chamber of Commerce to follow and apply such soundful Saudi-German partnership practiced and exercised at Obeikan company.


Before leaving, delegation stated wonderful sentences in our visitors honor book about impressive operational modulers they witnessed.

Ambassador from Lebanon visited OIG

His Excellency Abdul Sattar Issa, Ambassador of Lebanon visited Obeikan Investment Group (OIG) at Industrial City. His Excellency and accompanying delegates were greeted and welcomed at Obeikan Knowledge Academy (OKA) by Mr. Omran Al-Obeikan, Vice President of Liquid Packaging Division and by Mr. Mamoon Al-Saudi, Director of Marketing & Communication.

Then a documentary film was presented to them regarding the economic activity carried out by the Group and a brief introduction to packaging solutions exported to more than 70 countries.

The delegation headed by the Ambassador also took a quick tour at Obeikan Rigid Plastic and Folding Carton, were briefed on the plant sections, different production lines and all their production activities. Plastic division has significant production plant in Lebanon to produce flexible packaging material and provide flexible packaging solutions to more than 40 customers. Moreover, ORP export to Lebanese markets the preforms and HDPE bottles as one of its flagship product.

The Lebanese Ambassador visit was to strengthen business relationship with Obeikan. Both parties exchanged views on the best practices to facilitate any barriers to export more products and reaching more customers and prospects in Lebanon. In addition to that, Mr. Omran Al-Obeikan illustrated OIG future plans to expand more about the Group’s investment opportunities outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.